Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Essence Quests

In Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, the hero will help Eris Morn with whatever she needs help in. Sometimes one has to wonder if Eris Morn is too haunted by her not keeping her fireteam alive and has gone mad. Eris Morn requires the hero to collect Hive artifacts. She then uses the artifacts to create power in the form of gear or other artifacts or other objects of power. Along the way, the hero will collect remnants of negative emotions on the Moon, or essences. Nevertheless, the series of Essence quests allow for the hero to get new weapons and armor by doing some quests and then getting the following items.

First, descend into the Hellmouth to get the crytoglyph. This will allow the lectern of enchantment to be empowered. The essence will be stored at the lectern of enchantment. The lectern of enchantment will have bounty list to get phantasmal fragment. Every such number of phastasmal fragment will give the phantasmal core. Then use the phantasmal core to get the required essence. Do the requirements in the required essence to get the weapon or armor.

Example will be the Essence of Pride.

Once you get all necessary components for the Essences, then get the weapon or gear so desired. Example is the Arc Logic auto.

Eventually, the hero will get to the weekly memory of Eris Morn quests. Cleanse each nightmare memory belonging to each of Eris Morn Fireteam member, and the last one will belong to Eriana-3.

What will happen when all of Eris Morn’s nightmares phantoms are cleansed? Well, there is only 1 left.