Destiny 2 Into the Light Livestream and Updates Before Final Shape

Destiny 2 Into the Light will arrive in April 2024, and will lead up to the Final Shape in June 2024.

Join Bungie livestream before reset on Tuesday 19th March 2024, the first of 3 livestreams for all the latest Into the Light news and weapons gear update, and get the new emblems.

Source – Bungie Official Website

The title screen of Destiny 2 Into the Light suggests the Black Armory weapons may be returning to Destiny 2, and this is the Blast Furnace.

What are the other 2 weapons – the Sword and the Hand Cannon? Guesses below on the comments, and why are the tips of the weapons glowing, like into the light? Is this part of the weapon enhancement features?

In the meantime, the hero continues to get weapons from the Iron Banner, the Vanguard playlist (Wildstyle, Slammer), Prophecy dungeon (Prosecutor, Relentless, Dark Before, etc), the Trials of Osiris (Summoner, Prophet) and Guardian Games (Hullabaloo, Title, Taraxippos) in anticipation of being able to enhance the weapons when Into the Light begins.