Destiny 2 Beta Release Date and Countdown – Playthrough Destiny 1 Farewell

Destiny Release Date is 6th September 2017. More importantly, in the near future, Destiny 2 Beta release date is 18th July 2017, 48 hours from this article release.

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons and Gameplay

Destiny 2 Retrofuturisitc Shotgun Legendary Weapon

Destiny 2 Titan Striker Skill List with Legendary Weapon

As we approach these destiny 2 release date, let’s do a final playthrough of our favourite characters and class in Destiny 1.

The Golden Guardian Storm Caller with lots of Legendary Weapons. Going to miss her. Let’s review her recent legendary weapons.

  • The Last Extremity Legendary Weapon Scout Rifle

  • Defeating the Walker and getting more legendary marks.

  • Using the Devil You Know Legendary Hand Cannon