Dead Rising 4 Get Combo Weapons Blueprint

Dead Rising 4 is here. One of the main fun parts of dead rising 4 is to get combo weapons. Combo weapons allow you to kill zombies very fast and effectively. And in large volumes. This dead rising 4 combo weapons guide will help you get to and find the combo weapons blueprint, and then build the combo weapons blueprint you need.

  • The very first combo weapon is given to you. It’s the Blast from the Past.

Next up, you have to wait until the main quests opens up. That is, the helicopter with Brad and Frank crashes into the Amazon Food Court in Williamette. Then get the penguin freeze combo weapon from the Amazon Food Court.

Next at the hotel where you meet with Brad, get the Bambow combo weapon. Fireworks and delight!

Next, remember to pick up the key near the chair in the security counter, and then unlock the locker to get the Electric Wreath weapon.

Once you unlock the shelter, the weapon vendor will be available to sell you the combo weapons at very expensive prices.

But if you want to get all the blueprints yourself, buy the map and get to the blue points. Enjoy!