Dark the Game Walkthrough

In Dark the Game, the hero Eric Bane starts his adventures as a vampire in the nightclub. Lovely place to start. However, Eric is not a full-fledged vampire yet. He has post-vampiric biting amnesia, and cannot remember who he is and must slowly learn his powers as a vampire. This Dark the Game walkthrough will provide a guide for Eric Bane as he tries to navigate his way through the nightclub, his initiation into the vampire ranks, and his first fight as a vampire.

Eric Bane cannot remember what happened in the hours before. This is quite typical of vampires which have just been sired, but they did not quite finish drinking their creator’s blood. Eric Bane does not even remember he was bitten. As is quite typical in a nightclub, if one is dazed, one goes to the toilet to freshen up. So move Eric Bane to the washroom. But there is no effect from the water. Instead, the appearance of an angel eases Eric’s pain and confusion, temporarily granting him some vague memories of a vampire jumping onto him.

The next step is a classic nightclub move – go ask the bouncer if one came in alone or not. The bouncer does not remember, because he wasn’t the one who let Eric into the nightclub. The bouncer asks for Eric to speak to Tom. The next step is another classic nightclub move. When one is confused at a nightclub, just ask for more drinks. When Eric reaches the bar, a lady steps in and orders a Bloody Mary for Eric. Eric then goes upstairs to speak to Tom.

Tom brings Eric to Rose. Rose tells Eric that he is now a vampire. Well, almost a vampire. His vampire powers will grow, but if he does not drink his creator’s blood soon, he will become a ghoul. The other alternative is to go find Blooming, an ancient vampire whose ancient vampiric blood will make Eric a full vampire.

Of course, Eric does not believe the two of them. So Tom fires a weapon at Eric. Eric shadow leaps to the next location. This is part of the vampire reflex action. Rose will then ask Eric to speak to three vampires in the nightclub –

  • The barmaid. April
  • The DJ, June
  • And finally the Head of Security, Tom

Tom sends Eric on his way to use stealth and his first fight as a vampire. Different vampires have different powers. Apparently, Eric’s powers allow him to shadow leap and take down enemies from stealth positions in the shadows.

Dark the Game Use Stealth and Fight As A Vampire

In the deserted alley, first find two men who look like thugs. Target the nearest guy and drink his blood. This will cause Eric’s blood counter (on the top left of the screen) to go up by one. The other guy escapes. Now, go and take cover behind some crates. There are three men. Continue to maintain cover behind the crate with the right mouse button. Now move along the cover and take down the first man you see.

Go look for the second thug. Use shadow leap to stealth near him and then take him down. Finally, it’s the third thug’s turn. The third thug will wound Eric. Turn on the powers wheel and use regenerate to heal up. Then defeat the thug.

The next series of fight involves Eric using his vampire vision to delineate the heat signatures of the human thugs. Then use shadow leap to move near them and take them down. With the completion of this quest, return to the nightclub and distribute your power points.

Next up, it’s a night at the museum.

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