Dark Souls 3 the Ringed City Walkthrough

In Dark Souls 3 the Ringed City dlc, the Ashen One or nameless hero starts off at the dreg heap and does not actually get to the ruined city until he defeats the demon prince.

  • Then get the small envoy banner and signal to something to come get the nameless hero to the Ringed City.

When the Ashen One gets to the first ringed city bonfire outside the ringed city, it is considered the fifth bonfire of the dlc – the mausoleum outlook bonfire.

As with the veteran Dark Souls 3 player, always look at the passage beneath the bonfire to get the

  • Ruined Armor Set

Of course, after this, the hero needs to get past the thousand arrows.

  • From the Ringed Inner Bonfire to the church where the voice behind the door will talk to the Ashen One. The one behind the door is called Filinore.

A few types of enemies along the way – the ringed knight, and the hunched back.

Filinore will ask you the name of the Dark Souls God. Answer correctly and accept her quest to get the Filinore Sacred Chime.