Dark Souls 3 the Ringed City DLC Walkthrough

In Dark Souls 3, the Ringed City DLC Walkthrough puts the gloss on a fantastic journey through the famed award winning Dark Souls Franchise series. But in order to get to the Ringed City, the nameless hero has to perform a variety of Herculean labors, namely either defeating the Lothric and Lorian Princes – the last Lords of Cinders, or defeating the final boss of the Ashes of Ariandel dlc.

  • Not one for the faint hearted. The Ashes of Ariandel boss route.

  • Or the previously conquered (hopefully) Lothric and Lorian Princes Lords of Cinders route.

With the Lothric and Lorian princes Lords of Cinders route (above the Grand Archives), then return to Firelink Shrine and place the lords of cinders skull on the thrones and then speak to the firekeeper.

  • Go to the Flameless Shrine bonfire and then the First Kiln Bonfire. Behind that is the bonfire to the Ringed City dlc, otherwise known as the Dreg Heap bonfire.

And so the Dark Souls 3 Ringed City dlc walkthrough game guide begins.

  • The Ringed City dlc actually starts at the Dreg Heap Bonfire, where the hero has to jump down the ledge near to the pilgrim merchant. Then encounter the first murkmen – the ground type and the sorceror type.

Ringed City Get to First Bonfire

  • Ringed City Get to Second Bonfire

  • From the second bonfire in the ringed city, go to the poisonous swamp and then up the tree branch until you meet the swaying and rather arrogant pyromancer called Zoey. Defeat Zoey. Dont get too near, she uses a vicious whip.

Ringed City Get to Third Bonfire

After the third bonfire, jump down into the pit and be prepared to face the first boss(es) of Dark Souls 3 the Ringed City dlc. That Halloween costume is the Deserter Pyromancy Garb.