Dark Souls 3 Spells and How They Are Use

In Dark Souls 3, and especially in Dark Souls 3 the Ringed City dlc, it is possible to get some rare spells that may be of use in combat situations. Some of these spells are also fun to play with.

  • First up – defeat the demon prince to get the Seething Chaos Pyromancy spell.

  • Seething Chaos Pyromancy Spell – this spell has a delayed blast effect. Make sure you level up that pyromancy hands or the left and right pyromancy hands to the maximum levels before using this spell. Left and right delayed blasts.

Another great rare spell to get in the Ringed City is the Great Soul Dregs Spell. This spell is excellent if you are already using a dark staff like the Murky Long Staff. Can upgrade this staff the conventional way – using titanite shards, so this is good.

From the Ringed City second bonfire, defeat the desert pyromancer to get the Flame Fan spell.

  • Then test the Flame Fan spell, which is basically slapping enemies with fire.