Dark Souls 3 Ringed City dlc Defeat the First Boss the Demon Prince

In Dark Souls 3 the ringed city dlc, the nameless hero needs to take on the first boss of the game – the Demon Prince. This is actually 3 fights divided into 2 phases and 3 enemies, so it is tough indeed. To successfully defeat the Demon Prince, one must defeat the 2 (first) bosses first – the Demon Below and the Demon in Pain.

First, get to the third bonfire. Then jump down after summoning allies.

If you are the spell wielding type of character, stay back and add on to the extra damage that the 2 NPCs – Amnesiac Lapp and Slave Knight Gael already inflict on the demons.

Also try out these rare spells in Dark Souls 3.

After defeating the demon princes, uncover the fourth bonfire of the Ringed City – the Demon Prince. And then it’s onwards to the Ringed City itself. As one of the NPCs puts it, we are done with the “dung heap”.