Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough

Dark Souls 2 has finally arrived. The hero must survive yet another epic death defying series of adventures and defeat all the boss monsters in Dark Souls 2 to redeem himself. Of course, there is the usual difficult part of trying to find the bonfires, powerful weapons and characters with items that will help the hero survive the world of dark souls 2. This dark souls 2 walkthrough will guide the hero to achieve the above objectives, lest the hero dies again, again and again.

When the game starts, the hero will be in a pavilion. Rotate and spot a shimmer of light shinning through a crevice along the mountain line. Run through the grass in that direction and continue until the hero reaches a bridge. Note that the hero can explore the area before crossing the bridge. When facing the bridge, the hero can backtrack and then go left to spot some giant footprints. He will encounter the very first boss. But let’s skip this boss and proceed to the hut. If the hero goes right, he will search and find some items.

  • Go to the hut by crossing a bridge.

Here, the hero will be able to create his character. Once this is done, go through the door and to the right. There is a cart here. The cart contains

  • a soul of a lost undead
  • a torch

Not much to go by, but enough to light the first infamous bonfire. Then close to the bonfire is a tunnel that will lead on to the land beyond.

Dark Souls 2 Transverse the Mist

There are three mist doors here. The first mist allows the hero to complete his combat training. After fighting, the hero will get a dagger. The second mist contains more combat training. After fighting, the hero will get 2 amber herb items. Continue through the mist areas and defeat more enemies. Beyond the third mist, the hero will be taught how to search his surroundings and use his surroundings to his advantage against an archer. Knock down the tree and then defeat the archer.

The hero can skip the above training and go all the way up the hill and then find the path and get to Majula.

The Far Fire Bonfire at Majula

The Far Fire (second, of the game) bonfire at Majula. Bonfires allow the hero to fast travel. Fast travel back to this bonfire to speak to the Emerald Herald who will level up the character.
The Far Fire (second, of the game) bonfire at Majula. Bonfires allow the hero to fast travel. Fast travel back to this bonfire to speak to the Emerald Herald who will level up the character.

Dark Souls 2 Majula Walkthrough

Majula is a very desolate area and village where the hero can stock pile on items (assuming he has enough souls at this early stage, which is impossible), and where the hero will find the second bonfire.

  • Light the second bonfire, just on the cliff overlooking the sea. This is a very important bonfire, called the Far Fire Bonfire. Close to this bonfire is a woman dressed in black, initially. Go speak to her and she will reveal herself as the Emerald Herald. The Emerald Herald will grant levels to the hero, and will issue the famous Ectus Flask to the hero.

Then turn around, and spot some useful people and huts. On the left will be a man selling some weapons and armor. On the right, the blacksmith has been locked out of his shop. The key to his shop is found in the Forest of the Giants and fourth bonfire of the game. This key can be bought from the female merchant next to the fourth bonfire for 1000 souls.

Now, explore the area and find the following scattered in the Majula area –

  • divine blessing
  • lifegems and homeward bones
  • various souls

Lifegems heal the hero. Do not use up the lifegems on worthless minion monsters. Only use the lifegems on bosses. Speaking of minion monsters, if the hero searches the larger mansion to the far end of Majula, he will find some cute pig like creatures. They are not cute at all. They will rush towards the hero and start hitting the hero. So run away.

Explore the area thoroughly. Near the blacksmith’s house will be a tent. There will be a tunnel with stairs leading down near the tent. Go down the stairs and open the coffer to get the

  • Crimson Parma (shield)

Then descend further and spot a lever. Pull the lever and the door will open. Go through and then look for –

  • soul of a lost undead
  • broken thief sword

The door will shut after a while. Look around for a second flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and pull a second lever. The door will open again. Ascend the stairs and return to the plains of Majula. Then go back to the second bonfire. Spot the tower on the top, and go towards it. There is an undead knight here. He will ask the hero to join the

  • Way of the Blue

Now turn around and go to the left. There will be a tunnel leading down. Always remember to look for items along the way. Continue until the hero reaches the

  • Forest of the Fallen Giants

The outskirts of the Forest of the Fallen Giants contains lots of undeads, wielding an assortment of weapons from two handed weapons, to halberds to ranged weapons. Move around, dodge and then defeat the enemies with your own weapons.

  • If the hero had bought the Black Armor Edition Dark Souls 2 and chosen the warrior as his character, then he can dual wield the axe or mace (most powerful weapon so far) and the yellow nice looking weapon on the other hand.

The best tactics to employ will be dodge and roll sideways or backwards. Then study the attack pattern of the enemies and slash and hit back accordingly. The swordsman class may have the advantage initially in that he can quite easily dual wield and use a dagger on the left hand. After dodging, go to the back of the enemy and repeatedly stab with the dagger, causing critical damage after critical damage.

  • Once the enemies are defeated, search around the area for the third bonfire.

The way to the fourth bonfire is easy. Look for the archer blocking the way to a ladder. Defeat the archer, climb up the ladder, defeat more undead and then proceed through the mist door. This will lead the hero down a tunnel and then onwards to more undead hiding inside the tunnels. Defeat them all whilst moving very carefully. Come out of the tunnel and find a door. Open it and look ahead for – the fourth bonfire, and the proper camp. Beside the fourth bonfire is a female merchant who will sell the key to the blacksmith’s locked house.