Chorus Ways to Upgrade Ship Forsaken

In Chorus, the hero is a pilot who has turned away from the evil ways to help the Enclave. In order to progress further on in the main quests, the hero needs to find ways to upgrade the Forsaken combat space ship from time to time. There are a few ways to upgrade the ship.

  • One way is to find credits and then purchase upgrade at the hangar at the enclave. Find credits by using X to scan and use rite senses.
  • Another way to upgrade the ship is to engage in missions, and in each mission for example destroy a certain number of enemy ships, or use a certain number of moves such as jump, and the hero will be be able to upgrade certain features of the ship such as increased damage using lasers if the hero uses enough lasers.

Finally, there are certain missions that allow the hero to get more abilities upgrade which will increase the fighting prowess of the hero and the Forsaken ship overall. An example is the Temple mission to get abilities such as jump, where the hero can jump the Forsaken ship behind enemy ships.