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The Division Walkthrough

The Division walkthrough arrives at

The Division is about sleeper agents who are awaken post biochemical viral attack on beloved New York City. New York City is turned into a war zone, with local gangs and looters taking over the beautiful and iconic city. The Division and its agents aim to take back the city.

  • The Division can be played single player “lone wolf” style or multiplayer depending on your area of interest. The division walkthrough will focus on the single player.

First, the division sleeper agent goes through some basic training. Head on to finish off some side missions and attempt to level up.

Once you are level 4, you can head across to Manhattan and set up the base of operations. With the base of operations comes the ability to unlock and develop

  • the medical wing,

  • the tech wing and

  • the security wing.

And it’s time to take back New York City and develop those skills in the medical area, tech area and security area.

  • Then uncover the truth behind the attack on NYC.