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Star Wars the Old Republic Shadow of Revan Walkthrough

In Star Wars the Old Republic Shadow of Revan, the hero nears the eventual ending in the Shadow of Revan walkthrough. On Yavin 4, the hero jedi knight seeks to find out the source of Revan’s powers and his location in order to defeat him, and put an end to his plans to resurrect the emperor and bring annihilation to the universe.

First the hero jedi knight needs to defeat the enemies loyal to the emperor, including the gold star overseer.

Next, he needs to slay the supreme overseer, I mean, subdue the overseer.

Of course, prior to events on Yavin 4, the hero has a bit of time to romance Lana Beniko, the sith lord spy.

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Star Wars Movie News

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Which brings us to the next question – will the story in star wars the force awakens be the same as that of the previous 6 episodes? Only time will tell.