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Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough Priority Planetside Mission Habitat 7

Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthrough Priority Planetside Mission Begins.

Alec Ryder gathers his team of Pathfinders, and prepares to find the new home for the colonists from Earth. They board the shuttle down to the Golden Planet known as Habitat 7. Omens are bad, as they pass through strands of dark energy in space. Surely, this cannot be the so called Golden Planet, or the new Earth.

Mass Effect Andromeda Dark Energy Surrounds Spaceship Hyperion and Habitat 7

Sure enough, disaster strikes, as something (possibly lightning) strikes and Scott Ryder and Liam fall out of the shuttle into the sky. Luckily, it is the year 2185 + 600 years later, and so, the technology allows Scott Ryder to survive.

Mass Effect Andromeda Priority Planetside Ryder Falls Through the Sky of Habitat 7

And the exploration of Habitat 7 beings. This is the priority Planetside Mission walkthrough.

Use the Omni-tool to scan the area, and get research points for future use. Ryder finds a planet ravaged by something. Ryder finds Liam (or Liam finds Scott) and they proceed to investigate why Habitat 7 is what it is.

  • Use the spacesuit to jump and dash.

Scott and Liam find the shuttle wreck, and a bunch of new aliens – looks like twisted form of Turians.

  • It’s the first fight. Scott Ryder unleashes his Charge Biotic Powers (Class – Soldier), and the Predator pistol.

Protect Fisher. Fisher is saved, but cannot join the team as a companion.

Next up, it’s time to find Cora Harper and the Pathfinder team. Also once Scott Ryder gets Cora Harper as companion, then dont forget to look for the Pathfinder at the time – Alec Ryder.

The exploration walkthrough of Habitat 7 continues.

** Mass Effect Andromeda is available now as free trial play for EA subscribers on XBOX and Origins PC, and then released later in the week starting 21st March 2017. **