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Final Fantasy 15 Level Up Guide

The final fantasy 15 level up guide uses the ascension tree. This is divided into combat solo (Noctis), combat group techniques, stats, exploration and various other sections.

Level Up Tips –

It’s best to level up Noctis warp strike damage first and then 99 AP to increase the health points of the team with each level up. When the team has enough health points and potions, it cannot be defeated. So, in step wise, this is –

    1. Level up Noctis warp strike damage first, as this will make combat so much easier.
    2. Level up the amount of health that each person in Noctis party gets ie (Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus) so that at each level, they keep getting more and more health points. So nobody cannot defeat them if they keep using potions.

3. Next up, one should increase the magic damage and associated skills with that. The spells are effective, especially early on to defeat large numbers of enemies and freeze strong enemies and allow the party to regroup.

4. Next, against large swarms of enemies, you have to use party skills. So anything to level up the tech bar and the effectiveness of group healing and then group attack skills.