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Fortnite Get Ingredients Craft Epic Weapons Other Items

In Fortnite, the hero or heroine needs to get crafting ingredients in order to craft epic weapons and other items such as

  • traps
  • weapons, both melee and range
  • other useful things like healing pads for a massive husk onslaught

To do so, the hero needs crafting ingredients, most importantly the following –

  • blast powder
  • gizmo rotating parts
  • nuts and bolts
  • coal
  • rough ore
  • rough mineral powder
  • adhesive resin
  • duct tape

This will provide some sources for the above crafting ingredients.

If you want crafting ingredients in bulk, this is the way to do it.

  • Recycle items to get various ingredients to craft weapons.

Get down to the caves and get some more stuff.

Get coal from cliffside area of the map.

Search around for nuts and bolts and adhesive resin. Search houses, and whatever around that is searchable. Also break down cars and the like to get more nuts and bolts and mechanical parts.

Craft epic weapons like the Copper Bullet Swarm.