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Destiny Walkthrough

The scifi rpg game Destiny walkthrough begins here. In the not so distant future, in a galaxy not too far away and quite near here, a guardian is resurrected by a robotic creature called the Generalist Shell. And then the action begins, as the heroine is called forth to fulfill her destiny. This destiny walkthrough will guide the heroines and hero on an epic journey from the start of the game to the end.

The Generalist Shell is born from the traveler, build of machinery and light; the Ghost is your companion and faithful guide.

Awakened from the slumbers of death, the Guardian is asked to enter the building that is located in –

Location – Comodore, The Breach, Old Russia, Earth

Inside, it is pitch dark. The Ghost manipulates some ancient light switches, and finds a weapon for the heroine, of the human race and warlock clas, subclass voidwalker.

The equipment of the heroine is quite rudimentary at this stage, being –

Weapons –

Khvostov 7G-02 (description – an ancient weapon, battered and worn, but it still fires true), with an attack of 20. Weapons in the Destiny game is defined by level of use, rate of fire, impact, range, stability, reload and magazine.

Later, the hero picks up the Preacher MK 20, with an attack of 20 (description – the perfect close quarters tool. The Preacher sets a mind of peace. The Preacher only has a magazine of 5.

Armor (total defense 59) –

Helmet Born Spark (description – fabricated by the Ghost using nearby mass, this fieldweave handles life support and little else) Defense 16

Gauntlets D13 Born Spark

Chest D18 — you guess it Born Spark

Leg D12 — Born Spark

Potential Bond- A warlock’s Bond is both a symbol and a focus of power.

With this equipment, the heroine ventures forth to anniliate the enemies and get into the Divide. Clear out the Fallen and defeat the General and get the Arcadia Class Jumpship.

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