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Far Cry Primal Walkthrough

Far Cry continues its franchise and far reaching storyline by doing Far Cry Primal. 10000 BC –

  • Far Cry Primal Walkthrough begins.

The hero of the story is Takkar, as he treks across the barren lands to find Oros, the lands of green and fertility. In Oros, Takkar endeavors to build a village, and gather the experts in his fields to go there. The experts include

    • the herbs expert
    • the Beast Master Trainer
    • the Melee Master
    • the Hunter Master and Bow Mistress
    • the Inventor
    • the crazy berserker

  • the fire warrior Roshani

With these people at his disposal, and Wenja flocking to his village, Takkar hopes to conquer the lands of Oros, through gentle diplomacy and elegance. With beasts by his side, Takkar looks to conquer all of Oros!!!

  • Behold the Far Cry Primal Walkthrough!