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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

In Dead Space 3, the hero Isaac returns to confront the necromorphs, hopefully for the final time. This time, Isaac has more help in finding a way to dismantle the markers that will activate the necromorphs. This will guide the hero as he attempts to find a way through the ship ruins above the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, and then find a way through the frozen planet itself to reach the secrets of unraveling the markers. The dead space 3 walkthrough naturally begins on the planet Tau Volantis as the prologue of a nameless soldier.

Dead Space 3 Prologue

200 years ago, a nameless soldier began his trek to the source of the markers’ secrets. He faced necromorphs and defeated them and finally made his way to the crashed ship’s interior. There he retrieved a data capsule as the ship slided to the bottom of the crevice. Shoot the ship to smithereens to prevent it from crashing onto him. He brought the data capsule to his commander, and his reward was an icy burial on the frozen planet Tau Volantis.

Dead Space 3 Escape from Lunar Colony

200 years later and to the present.

Issac’s apartment is broken into.Two men besiege Isaac and then leave him as the three are attacked by men from Unitology. Isaac picks up his trusted plasma cutter and submachine gun and follow after the two men Norton and Carver.

Descend into the compound at the ground floor of Isaac’s apartment and withstand the assault of the Unitologists. Defeat them. Isaac is then asked to proceed to the top floor of the designated pick up point whilst Norton and his men try to distract the Unitologists.

Continue moving to the pick-up point. The escape from lunar colony mission is really a refresher course in playing dead space 3. Isaac has already begun using his plasma cutter and Isaac will reach a point where there will be fast moving vehicles on a road. It’s time to usestasis to freeze the vehicles so that Isaac can cross the road and climb onto a ledge. Face off against more unitologists and then reach the top of the building, where Isaac will be ambushed by the leader of the Unitologist expedition team. Watch as he unleashes the power of the marker on Lunar Colony. Isaac will just escape by punching the unitologist leader and rolling away into necromorph corpses.

Isaac picks himself up and realizes the nightmare has begun – the necromorphs are back. There will be several necromorphs at this level and then a lot more necromorphs at the compound below. Sever their limbs and then sever the tentacles that come out of the seemingly dead necromorphs.

Past the necromorphs, Isaac informs Norton that he has to get to the train station and hitch a ride to the Eudora. First get to the train station and align the train parts so that they fit each other.

Then climb onto the train and mount and transverse the compartments one at a time until Isaac reaches the final compartment. Of course, there will be monsters along the way. Once the monsters are defeated, reach out and jump onto the loading compartment of the Eudora and keep mashing the action button until Isaac climbs onto the Eudora and begins the journey to Tau Volantis.