Bloodborne Rare Missable Weapons

In Bloodborne, the hunter needs to explore each area and each hole and each crevice as closely as possible. This is the way to find rare weapons in Bloodborne. By rare weapons, we mean weapons outside the three basic weapons giveaway at the beginning of the game ie

  1. the Axe
  2. the Cane
  3. the Saw

1 Bloodborne Get to Eileen the Crow for her Mercy Blade

  • Defeat her or complete her questline.

2 Bloodborne Flamethrower

    • Its right in front of you in Central Yharnam.

3 Bloodborne Cannon – Love this!

      • uses 10 quicksilver bullets but massive damage for a ranged weapon.
      • Location – Forbidden Woods

4 Bloodborne Get Ludwig’s Holy Blade

5 Bloodborne Bolt Paper

Not technically a weapon, but invaluable.

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