Bloodborne Defeat Gehrman the First Hunter – Become the First Hunter

Bloodborne Defeat Gehrman the First Hunter – Become the First Hunter

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In Bloodborne, it all comes down to this – Gehrman the First Hunter wants to retire the current hunter gamer by getting him or her to go to sleep.

  • Basically refuse, and this will start a fight with Gehrman, after which you will become the first hunter, if you win.

Remember to upgrade your weapon to +10.

To win the fight against Gehrman is easy. A few steps will make it easier.

    • find a friend to fight with
    • use a long weapon and avoid close contact with Gehrman
    • dodge like crazy when his scythe is out
    • if you are anywhere near his “slam” cry, dodge like crazy and then heal like crazy
    • use range weapons
    • with the friend, use a front and side / back attack

Gehrman will be defeated. With the Blood Moon as a backdrop, you become the first hunter!

bloodborne become the first hunter 2

And onwards to New Game +.

Wait a minute! Just reverse the game….. is this the actual final boss? And is it beatable?

bloodborne final scene


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