Bloodborne Boss Fight Game Guide

In Bloodborne, the hunter needs to defeat some monsters on route to discovery the cause of his needing to hunt. Why does the town of Yharnam need hunters to hunt? Why are there so many undead and wolves and other scourges around town? First, the hunter needs to deal with the minions and then the bosses that are around town. There will be several bosses to fight, including the Cleric Beast, the Pig Hog Monster in the sewers and Father Gascoigne. This will provide a walkthrough on how to get to these monsters, how to get to the next part of the game, and will guide the hero on how to defeat these monsters as they become available.

1 Bloodborne Defeat the Cleric Beast

2 Bloodborne Defeat the Giant Pig Hog in the Sewers

3 Bloodborne Father Gascoigne

Defeating Father Gascoigne is tough. The guy has just about everything that the hunter has.

  • Pistol – ticked
  • Axe – ticked
  • Longaxe – double ticked

Plus father Gascoigne is stronger, bigger and healthier than the hunter. And he has the beast mode. Recipe for absolute defeat and total despair again and again. You bet! So to defeat father Gascoigne – the solution, build on what he does not have.

  • Get the music box
  • Get Molotovs and full stock of blood vials. Use ingenuity and wit is use the tombstones to block his attacks.
  • Run around and use ranged attacks.
  • Use the whip weapon.

The hunter can just about defeat Father Gascoigne.

4 Bloodborne Defeat the Blood-starved Beast

Defeating the Blood-starved Beast is very tough. It’s likely the hero will need help from multiplayer hunters. In addition, the hunter needs the following items –

    • Full stock of medicine if possible, as the blood-starved beast will poison the hero very fast during later stages of the fight.
    • Get Molotovs and full stock of blood vials. Use ingenuity and wit is use the tombstones to block his attacks.
    • Keep target targeted and move to the back of the target, slashing two times with the whip or other weapons. If the hunter is lucky, you can get three times, but try not to be too greedy.

Even if you are helping the other player, you can get some experience which one can invest in levels or inventory items.

5 Bloodborne Defeat Vicar Amelia

In order to defeat the Vicar, always dodge to the back and attack her. Use range attack if possible, but stay away from her frontal leap attack. Jump clear from her when she is in glowing form.

6 Bloodborne Defeat Witch of Hemwick

7 Bloodborne Defeat Shadow of Yharnam

8 Bloodborne Selection of Mini-bosses

More mini boss at the Brygenwerth region of Bloodborne

9 Bloodborne Defeat Rom the Vacuous Spider

10 Bloodborne Defeat the One Reborn

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