Bioshock Infinite Defeat the Ghost of Lady Comstock

Bioshock Infinite Defeat the Ghost of Lady Comstock

In Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth goes to Lady Comstock’s coffin and attempts to get her hand from her. Lady Comstock’s hand is needed to open the house. However, Lady Comstock does not give up her hand easily. Through some illogical and irrational space-time continuum anomaly, Comstock manages to use Elizabeth’s powers to raise Lady Comstock as a ghost. Now, Booker must defeat the Ghost of Lady Comstock. This will guide the heroes and provide tactics as they try subdue to the Ghost of Lady Comstock at the graveyard.

Bioshock Infinite Tactics Used by the Ghost of Lady Comstock

The first fight against Lady Comstock is not easy. The ghost of Lady Comstock will use a series of tactics to defeat Booker. One of the main tactics is her ability to raise the dead from the grave. Dead Columbia forces will rise to attack Booker. These forces can become overwhelming and attack Booker from all directions. The Ghost of Lady Comstock will also attack Booker directly if Booker allows her to get too close. In addition, the Ghost of Lady Comstock will move away so fast that Booker does not have enough time to take aim at her from far. This evasive maneuver of Lady Comstock can be quite annoying, as it means it will make it quite hard for Booker to hit her.

Bioshock Infinite Tactics Booker Can Use to Defeat Lady Comstock

Booker must overcome Lady Comstock’s various tactics and then use the appropriate weapons and vigor to take down Comstock.

  • Hide behind cover and shoot at the undead enemies from far.
  • Use return to sender vigor to collect ammunition and damage and throw it back at the enemies.
  • Remember to upgrade the return to sender vigor so that it will cost less and can be used repeatedly.
  • When Lady Comstock gets too close, use return to vigor to damage her. The damage from this vigor can be quite large.
  • One can shoot at the Ghost of Lady Comstock from far with the sniper rifle, but the damage will not be too large.
  • It may be better to attack the undead soldiers around Lady Comstock so that she will then go around and start raising more dead soldiers.
  • When the dead soldiers are being raised, Lady Comstock will be distracted with her necromancy act and can be attacked easily. Her ability to speed off is nullified at this stage.
  • Attack the ghost mercilessly at this stage.

By using these tactics repeatedly, Lady Comstock will be defeated the first time at the graveyard. However, she is not destroyed yet. She will run away to regather her strength. She will leave ghostly footprints on the ground.

It’s time to follow the footprints.