Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailers and News

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice trailer is finally here. Warner Bros has released the first trailer. Let’s see if we can get some Easter eggs from the trailer.

1 Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer 1 – False Gods

Here, Superman’s arrival on Earth has heralded mixed reactions, with some hailing the savior as god, whilst others fear his absolute power, and the other aliens he will bring along with him. Of course, amongst those is Batman aka Bruce Wayne aka Affleck.

Batman does look supremely awesome and his batsuit with blue highlighted vision is the closest to any real comic book version.  There is also a scene with the riddler’s symbol written over the pillar. Of course, Superman dropping down from the sky and Batman ‘asking’ ,”Do you bleed? You will…” is reminiscent of the dark knight rises.

Can’t wait for the movie in 2016, but first awaiting the second trailer.