Babylon’s Fall Walkthrough Begins Defeat the First Boss

In Babylon’s Fall, the Gallu are the enemies of the Imperial, and the Imperials have enlisted Sentinels to defeat the Gallu. The Imperials control the Sentinels via the coffin structures at the back of the Sentinels, and the Gallu attack the Sentinels, knowing the Sentinels can cause their downfall.

In Babylon’s Fall first part, the hero Sentinel need get to the main trade post and social area. The hero must defeat the first boss to do this.

Babylon’s Fall Defeat First Boss Diodorus

Babylon’s Fall First Boss Diodorus Fight. The hero uses the sword initially and then later uses the Gallu Crystal. Or O grab hold of the Gallu Crystals and L2 to throw.

The hero uses Spectral Attacks and the normal light and heavy attacks to defeat the first boss Diodorus.