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Darksider Video Game Walkthrough

Darksider walkthrough is an initial walkthrough of the early stages of the darksider video game to give a first hand impression of the game. Darksider video game, available in Xbox 360, PS3, and PC game is produced by THQ, the publisher which also produced the epic Titan Quest. Naturally the game is blessed with great graphics, great special effects as the Hero of the game “War” wields his sword Chaoseater and smashes all enemies aside.

  • Darksider 1st stage Walkthrough

In the 1st stage, War is summoned to Earth. He thinks it is the Apocalypse on Earth, as demons and angels swarm the city (looks like New York City with the yellow cabs), fighting each other for supremacy. Naturally, War, employed by the Charred Council which governs the balance between good and evil, intervenes and destroys the demons and also the angels with huge swings of his blade Chaoseater. At the end of the first mini-stage, a mini-boss appears, and the player character can change War into “Chaos Forms”, a more vicious and faster form of War.

  • Darksider – plays like a movie

Already, this initial darksider walkthrough feels like a movie. The cut-scenes at the end of each part of the game gives the impression that one is living the story. One of the best game-movie combo ever in recent years.

War battles through the streets and eventually arrives at a battle between the angels, led by Abaddon and an anonymous female angel and the Destroyer. Another cut-scene is presented before War is allowed to fight the Destroyer.

  • Darksider – has been framed

It looks like Darksider has been framed. He has been led to believe that the 7th seal has been broken, while in fact it has not. He demands to know of his brother horsemen’s whereabouts. The Charred Council tells him of the consequences of his actions. War realizes he must tell to Earth and correct his mistakes. The Charred Council agrees. Armed with Chaoseater, he sets out to avenge this wrong.

  • Darksider – be a Hero

As one can tell, this great game allows one to play through the game like the hero of a movie. Darksider is a fantastic game!

Darksider reminds one of the medieval times, and the cross between the modern world and medieval times. Another movie set to hit the big screen in 2011 crossing both worlds and updated at Comic Con San Diego 2010 is Thor. Stay tuned for more news!