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Destiny 2 Into the Light Release A Few Days Away – Get Those Gear to Enhance Weapons When Into the Light Starts

Destiny 2 Into the Light is here. The brave arsenal release will be time gated, sorta, but the armor pieces should drop with the chests in the new Lord Shaxx area as soon as the hero does enough quests and onslaught and get enough tokens. The darkest black shader returns, and also the 2 exotics Whisper of the Worm and exotic Outbreak Perfected are now craftable, with the return of the exotic quests.

Destiny 2 How to Farm Week 1 Brave Weapons Into the Light

The hero needs to complete get the week 1 Brave weapons. The Succession and Recluse are probably the ones to get, with the Falling Guillotine Bait and Switch as the third most desirable weapons, although there is quite a large scope for argument here as to which are the best Brave weapons for week 1, and which are the best traits to combine with the Indomitablity origin trait, and which are the godroll weapons.

The week 1 brave weapons are here, but the hero can get and use the weapons now from Prophecy, Iron Banner and the Vanguard Nightfall, to prepare for enhancement of these weapons when Into the Light starts in a few days.

Destiny 2 Week 2 Brave Weapons

First get the corresponding week1 brave weapons quest from the bot next to Lord Shaxx. Complete the quest, like the Edgelord quest for the Edge Transit grenade launcher. Find the best place to rapidly defeat enemies.

Get back to Shaxx after complete the corresponding weapon quest, and get the masterwork version of the weapon. Also get to the corresponding weapon Holo Shaxx, and attune the corresponding weapon.

  • If Edge Transit or Recluse is the weapon you want, then go and attune the Edge Transit or Recluse.

Then get Brave engrams from various sources, like playlist activities or Onslaught, and then keep decode the Brave engrams until the hero get the desired weapons, and the desired gear with godrolls.

Destiny 2 Increase Reputation with Lord Shaxx to Open Chest and Get Armor

Will these weapons also be enhanced when Into the Light starts? The hero has lost track.