Arrow and the Flash 2015 Remaining Episodes Preview

Arrow and the Flash remaining episodes were shown in parley episodes in the recent Comic Con. Here’s the remaining episodes in reels and some notable quotes.

Malcolm Merlyn – “There is a legend – he who survives Ra’s blade will become Ra’s Al Ghul”

Dr Harrison Wells – “I promise you, Barry Allen, you will die”

** Here’s the official synopsis from –

the Flash “Out of Time” -” Mark Mardon aka The Weather Wizard appears in Central City intent on avenging his brother Clyde’s death, and sets his sights on Joe, who shot Clyde. When Mardon attacks Joe and Barry, Barry is able to super-speed them to safety but Mardon gets away. Barry warns Joe not to go after a meta-human alone but Joe doesn’t listen and ends up in grave danger. Meanwhile, Cisco looks into the night the team captured the Reverse Flash and realizes something doesn’t add up and begins to wonder whether Joe was right about Dr. Wells. Barry and Linda end up on an awkward double date with Eddie and Iris.”

Arrow Episode 3.16 “the Offer” – “Still weighed down by his last meeting with Ra’s al Ghul, Oliver returns home to find a new villain and his crew have started terrorizing Starling City – Michael Amar AKA Murmur, a man whose mouth has been sewn shut. Meanwhile, Laurel and Nyssa bond over their issues with their fathers and Nyssa make Laurel an offer. Thea is forced to come to terms with her father after Oliver brings Malcom to the loft to recover, and Lance shuts out both Laurel and the Arrow.”

Of course, in the Flash, the ultimate question is –

” Who is the Reverse Flash? Just Harrison Wells, or are there two or more Reverse Flashes?”