Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough Gameplay

In Agents of Mayhem, you will play as one of 3 agents. Well, in fact, you can play as all 3 agents. It’s just press of a button to change between the 3, at least at the beginning.

The Agents of Mayhem walkthrough gameplay begins with the Agent Hollywood poking the bear.

Mission 1

Followed by Agent Hardtark. His teleharpoon ability is awesome.

Then, of course, the very nimble Lady Agent Fortune comes into play.

The agents march through Babylon’s first facility, destroying the headquarters in mission 1. Mission 1 Knock Knock concludes with the defeat of Babylon.

Later, the agents head to Seoul and the ark to reassemble.

  • This is where the open world of agents of mayhem start.

Before each mission, change the loadout of agents you want for the mission, and also the skins of the agents and their weapons.

Mission to Capture Outpost

AOM is about open world, so you can capture as many outposts as there is in the game. First, get to the outpost.

This is the first – first the heroes need to defeat the enemies and destroy the legion equipment.

Mission Operation Skyfall

A rather long mission to defeat Hammersmith. Starts with the basics of the game – jump or climb to the top of the tower or reactor exhibit.

  • Agent Yei needs to climb the reactor exhibit to the top in the beam with pride mission.

Some of the harder aspects of Operation Skyfall or Heaven Sent, where the agents have their first encounter with Hammersmith.

Agents of Mayhem Destroy Legion Vehicle

In this operation, the main enemy boss is Hammersmith. This is the first time one will meet him.

Then in the final encounter in the lair, use one of the agents Fortune to overload the shield generator and defeat him.