Agents of Mayhem Level Up Upgrade

In Agents of Mayhem, the agents Hollywood, Hardtack and Fortune will gain experience points through various missions and then will level up. Level up can be divided into various components, including –

  • level up or using upgrade points to increase their abilities.

  • getting rewards or new gadgets at the end of missions, and  then equipping the gadgets.

  • Later, the agents will add Gremlin Tech to their arsenal, beginning with the Gutterball Gun.

As the agents are unlocked in the game, the later agents will trail behind the earlier agents in level up skills, weapons and upgrade gadgets.

  • Level up Fortune and Hardtack (level 4), and Rama (level 2)

In Agents of Mayhem, get core upgrades in end game mission rewards, and then use core upgrades to add attack or defence elements to the heroes’s skills.

  • Example – Rama’s stealth ability – poison mist added.

More to come as the Agents of Mayhem walkthrough continues.