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The Witcher 2 Heliotrope

As the witcher 3 approaches, and the ability to play not 1 but 2, and quite possibly 3 witchers ie Geralt, Ciri (pictured here) and possibly Yennifer, we recap what made the witcher trilogy and the witcher 2 so great, beginning with the sorcery and alchemy and mutation that made the witchers fearsome foes. The Heliotrope is the first to come to mind.

The Heliotrope sign is the talent at the end of the witcher 2 mage development path. Use this path if you want Geralt to become a witcher with some sorcery skills. Also great for visual effects in the witcher 2 game.

To make Geralt a great witcher and sorceror, it is necessary to plan the mage development path. It is suggested that one picks the path that goes through the Quen and Igni talents upgrade and progresses to the end of the mage talent tree, where one can activate the Heliotrope sign, and also the adrenalin sign activated talent. Max out these talents, especially the Heliotrope and adrenalin talent at the end. This is necessary so that when for example Quen is activated for multiple enemies, the adrenalin builds up really fast, and then activate the Heliotrope sign, slow time down and eliminate all enemies. For this witcher, the Heliotrope wisdom was first found through the route to Loc Muinne Market Place.

Witcher 2 Use Quen and Weapon Attributes for Defeating Harpies.

Use Heliotrope to Defeat Gargoyles

After maxing out the mage development path as suggested above, the next step in developing Geralt is to take on the swordsmaster development path. Follow the path that allows the witcher to max out the damage and critical effects.

Then collect powerful critical effect mutagens and adrenalin increasing mutagens and add these to the Heliotrope talent or the damage or swordsmaster talent at the end of the two paths above.


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