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Mass Effect Andromeda Settle Kadara with Andromeda Initiative Settlement Outpost

In Mass Effect Andromeda, one of the Pathfinder’s main objectives is to settle Kadara with a settlement outpost. However, unlike other planets like Eos and Voeld, there is a lot to do when it comes to settling Kadara.


The most basic thing to settle Kadara is to get viability up to 40% or above. Ryder can do the basic things like setting up forward deployment station, or he can activate the monoliths and the vault. The monoliths on Kadara are called the outlaw monoliths.

    • The monolith south east of Kadara Port

    • After activating the monolith, talk to Reyes and work with him to clear up crime and trouble in Kadara Port.

    • Talk to Kaetus, Sloane’s right man Turian and ask about what Ryder can do for him. Ryder is sent to the Badlands to look for kett.

  • Finally, in the High Noon quest, Ryder gets to decide what to do with the leadership in Kadara Port.

  • Would you be happy with the Sloane rule, or do you want something else?