Agents of Mayhem Unlock Agents and Abilities Gadgets

In Agents of Mayhem, the initial 3 agents are

  • Fortune
  • Hollywood
  • Hardtack

As the game progresses, there is an opportunity to unlock more and more agents. Of course, later agents means more abilities and gadgets to play with, but these agents which appear later need to play level up catch up with the earlier agents.

The 4th agent to unlock is Rama.

After this, the options are wide, as AOM (Agents of Mayhem) also provide quite a lot of open world gameplay.


To unlock the next agent Yeti, the 3 or 4 initial agents have to rescue him. This seems to be a 2 part series of missions – the first part is where the 3 already unlocked agents embark on a mission to find the next agent, in this case Yeti. There may be a boss or mini boss along the way, together with treasure!

In this area, one will have to scan repeatedly to find the correct console to hack.

  • It is definitely worthwhile to unlock new agent Yeti and his abilities.

Once Yeti finishes off boss PB 49, you can deploy agent Yeti to the squad of 3 during missions.

More agent unlocks coming soon. Meanwhile, check out the Agents of Mayhem walkthrough playlist.

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